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The best hardware security keys for two-factor authentication. The seat belt for the internet. Designed for personal and business use, the YubiKey comes in a variety of shapes and with different features to fit your needs. Take our quick Product Finder Quiz to find the right key for you.

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Find your YubiKey Designed for personal and business use, the YubiKey comes in a variety of shapes and with different features to fit your needs. Take quiz. Latest news. April 6, Read more. April 2, March 31, Say hello to the YubiKey, goodbye to account takeovers. Find Take product finder quiz Set up Find set-up guides. Why Yubico For personal use For businesses For developers. All Rights Reserved. We use cookies to ensure that you get the best experience on our site and to present relevant content and advertising.

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Yubico Privacy and Cookies Policy. Necessary Always Enabled.We have been on a journey to eliminate passwords. Today, we are delighted to announce an important milestone. Microsoft has been aligned with the Fast Identity Online FIDO working group from the start, the alliance represents organizations from various industries on a joint mission to replace passwords with an easy to use strong credential.

Imagine a helpdesk scenario where an employee can walk up to any device and simply log in using Windows Hello and not username and password. Another scenario is hospital medical staff that need access a patient records on a device no matter where the patient is located. Or a public-sector organization that wants secure authentication on devices while adhering to security policies and directives where the users credential needs to be physically separate from the device itself.

Microsoft and its partners have been working together on FIDO2 security keys for Windows Hello to enable easy and secure authentication on shared devices. A user can walk up to any device belonging to the organization and authenticate in a secure way — no need to enter a username and password or set-up Windows Hello beforehand. Unlike traditional passwords, these keys rely on high-security, public-key cryptography to provide strong authentication.

These keys have all the benefits of a Trusted Platform Module TPM while also being portable enabling the increasing number of mobile workers. FIDO2 compliant security keys provide secure authentication, independent of the form factor.

Protect your digital world with YubiKey

The security key holds your credential and can be protected with an additional second factor like fingerprint integrated into the security key or a PIN to be entered at the Windows sign-in. Our partners are working on a variety of security key form factors.

retail security keys

We are looking forward to seeing new form factors and possibly applications on your phone that comply with the FIDO2 specification. Governments can adopt a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity with the help of Microsoft New devices from Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo provide a productive, secure experience for on-the-go professionals. Skip to main content Skip to main content. Related posts.Skip to main content.

FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Checkpoint Compatible 8. Checkpoint Compatible 1. Previous Page 1 2 Free Shipping by Amazon. LeadSeals R. CTA Digital. Johnson Enterprises. Frustration-Free Packaging. Include Out of Stock. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.We are open and providing service as normal, however we encourage you to call before visiting our showroom. For being so small, keys play a large part in the overall security of your company.

Keys give us access to facilities, entire buildings, equipment, machinery, vehicles, and secure areas. Proper key management is critical to commercial security and supports smooth business operations. Though an increasing number of companies are upgrading to electronic access control systemsmany facilities still rely on traditional keys. Learn how you can ensure access for employees with different levels of authorization while maintaining a high level of security for your commercial facility.

Here, we explain how master key systems and key management operations work together to achieve these goals. At a very basic level, you need to know that a master key system allows two or more keys to open one lock. To make this system work, pin tumbler locks are often used. These pin tumbler locks include a driver pin and a key pin. When the appropriate key is inserted, both pins are lifted so that they rest on opposite sides of the shear line.

To lift the key pins to the correct height, a key must have the right set of grooves in it. Changing a standard pin tumbler to accommodate a master key system, requires adding a master wafer which is placed between the key pin and driver pin. Standard commercial security hardware continues to be widely used today. Key management systems include logical hardware keying design, access permissions policy, tracking and storage systems for all the various keys used throughout large facilities or campuses.

The benefits of this type of organization system are clear. Businesses can locate the key needed at a given time quickly and conveniently. Management systems make it easy to understand how to give the appropriate access permissions to any visitor, service provider, staff, faculty or facility director.

This type of system also facilitates hardware maintenance, changing the locksmaking replacement keys or duplicates. Key management systems help business owners ensure that only authorized individuals are in possession of specific keys. Managers can find information about users and track down keys that have not been returned.

Master key systems can be complex and include hundreds and thousands of separate keys. Effective key management systems have four important parts that allow businesses to keep track of all the keys required to lock and unlock hardware in the facility. The first step in designing a key management system is related to the facility structure. Designing a hardware keying system involves mapping out the various entry points which will have keyed locks in the facility and creating a security hierarchy that includes each.

An experienced commercial locksmith or architectural hardware consultant can help determine which entry points will allow access to the general public, restricted users, or require high-security access control. The hardware keying design for the facility will correspond to the access permissions organization.

retail security keys

The resulting keying chart will impact each door with a lock on the facility and determine its access level. The second part of setting up a key management system applies to the key holders and users. The company will need to outline the various categories of employees, staff, visitors, and other users who will require access through the various entry points.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Some of these keys just come from other countries where Windows licenses are cheaper. They may be legitimate, but they were sold for cheaper in other countries. For example, Windows keys were once much cheaper in China. Other keys could have been purchased with stolen credit card numbers. A criminal acquires some credit card numbers, purchases a bunch of Windows keys online, and sells them through third-party websites at a cut rate. When the credit cards are reported as stolen and the chargebacks occur, Microsoft deactivates the keys, and those Windows installations are no longer activated—but the criminal gets away with the money people paid for them.

Some keys may be education keys intended for students but obtained fraudulently. On really sketchy websites, you may just be purchasing a completely fake key or an already-known key that was used to pirate Windows on multiple systems that has been blocked by Microsoft.

An especially bad website might even steal the credit card number you use to buy the key and use it to start the credit card fraud game anew. We stuck it in a virtual machineand it worked for about a year.

Google's Security Key Explained

In other words, at some point in that year, the key we purchased was flagged as bad by Microsoft. Your key may never work in the first place, it may work for a month, or it may never be blacklisted at all. By purchasing them, you may be supporting criminals who steal credit card numbers. Or, you may be rewarding people who abuse programs set up to help students and encouraging the shutdown of these programs. Even if you luck out and your new key does work forever, purchasing these keys is unethical.

These sites also sell gray-market video game keys, which are also of questionable origin and may be revoked in the future. Polygon, a gaming website, has a good look at the problem with gray market game keys. However, you could run into this problem on many websites. Websites like Amazon.

You may have an easier time filing a dispute after buying a shady key from Amazon. Amazon is a huge marketplace, and it has a problem with counterfeiters. Amazon may not want to help you if your key works for a year before being revoked, either.Our retail security systems provide Virginia store and franchise owners with intelligent key management programs and smart cash management systems — both with the goal of stopping theft and saving long-term costs.

In an industry known for high turnover and multiple keys per property, managing key access is essential in a retail environment. With the proper security hardware in place, you can dramatically lower the costs to maintain and manage your key program all while continuing to offer frictionless entry, exit, and access to goods. Though we offer a variety of traditional and highly secure mechanical locks, we can also take your security to the next level with intelligent keys and auditing systems.

Richmond Security is an authorized representative of Medeco XT, a lock system that looks and works like a traditional mechanical lock, but uses electronic keys that can be programmed to specified users and schedules, plugged into software that creates an audit trail showing when and where keys are used. The Medeco XT system is a fraction of the cost of a hardwired electronic access control system and eliminates the ongoing cost of rekeying mechanical locks to provide effective access control and accountability for every retail need.

Our AMSEC Smart Safe cash management systems streamline the cash management process, increasing accuracy and reducing theft and cashier errors. Business owners will gain full visibility over cash volumes, even with multiple locations. As impressive as the improved cash management is the safe itself, constructed with one-half-inch-thick steel, anti-spread deadlatch locks, and anti-pry door jambs.

Eset Smart Security 10 License Key 2020 Working 100%

Our Smart Safes also feature an uncompromising level of software security, from encrypted data communication to time locks. Storage rooms and display units are a common business liability, and associates and customers should only have monitored access to expensive merchandise when needed. Our security products provide fast and economical control that can be moved as company needs change, reducing financial loss from theft. Contact Us Today. Retail Stop shrinkage and smartly manage keys with advanced retail security.

Key and lock management In an industry known for high turnover and multiple keys per property, managing key access is essential in a retail environment. Among our retail offerings: Key control system installation and replacement Key and lock retrofitting Commercial keyless door locks Small business security systems Commercial door pulls Glass door installments Custom doors Commercial lock installation Deadbolt rekeying services Key duplication Lock repair Safe repair and safe opening Automatic door repair Door hinge replacement.

retail security keys

Is your retail business secure?Multi-Detacher In addition to the ergonomics and the S3 magnet set of the S3 Key, the Multi-Detacher Counter Key also boasts a standard lock magnet to widen its versatility. This secure, one-key solution will unlock the entire line of Alpha S3 solutions as well as select Standard Lock solutions.

This Key is non-alarming. S3 Handkeys S3 HandKeys offer superior aesthetics, ergonomic improvements and ease of use, with the trusted level of security you have come to expect. Serial numbers provide added security for Alpha Keys and Detachers. Embed Google Map. In addition to the ergonomics and the S3 magnet set of the S3 Key, the Multi-Detacher Counter Key also boasts a standard lock magnet to widen its versatility.

Serial number provides added security.

Sign in to your Microsoft account with Windows Hello or a security key

S3 HandKeys offer superior aesthetics, ergonomic improvements and ease of use, with the trusted level of security you have come to expect. The S3 HandKeys will open the entire line of S3 products. Serial number provides added security for alpha keys and detachers.

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