Code SPN. Cause, check and response system. Reserve, fuel level in tank 2. Priority 5: Indication during stop and while driving.

man edc warning light

Type of fault: 1. Closure to Ubat. Signal "Parking brake". Priority 2: Fault requiring elimination at a service center. Type of fault: 8. Wrong signal. Reserve, fuel level in tank 1.

Engine oil level. The signal "oil pressure in the engine. Priority 4: No indication, no effect on serviceability. Signal "charge air pressure". The warning light on the dashboard always glows red when driving and stopping. Instead of a real pressure signal, a substitute signal is simulated.

An insufficient amount of air enters the engine, as a result of which power is significantly reduced. The sensor is faulty, the wiring is broken, the contacts are not tight, the intercooler intercooler is clogged or the charge air system is not tight.

Engine Coolant Temperature Signal. The signal "engine coolant level". Type of fault: 6. Pin assignment A ZE Reserve, level, gas pressure in the tank. Priority 1: The engine must be stopped. Outdoor temperature. Engine oil temperature.

Engine speed. The engine cannot be started or the engine may stall spontaneously. Recording and collecting data on the crankshaft and camshaft rotation speed signal does not function. Engine torque.

man edc warning light

Signal "Deceleration of braking-retarder". Type of fault: 4. No signal. Transmission R. Type of fault: 5.High or low pressure difference. Checking the rate of change of the differential pressure of the exhaust gases, checking cables and connectors. Low or high fuel pressure.

Clogged fuel filter, faulty fuel pump, air in fuel lines. Check fuel pressure. The engine may stall. Low oil pressure. Check the actual oil pressure using a pressure gauge to check the wires and connectors. Low pressure charge air. Check the correct pressure sensor readings, check the wire and connectors, check the tightness of the turbocharging system to check the turbocharger.

Combustion air temperature of before entering the cylinders after AGR. High or low temperature. Check if the rate of change of the charge air temperature, check the wires and connectors. Check wires and connectors or the accuracy of the rate of change of atmospheric pressure. High or low engine coolant temperature. Check if the rate of change of the coolant temperature, check the wires and connectors. At too high a temperature of the engine torque is limited.

Low or high input voltage to the engine control unit. Check the voltage on the subject is out of range. High or low temperatures. Check if the rate of temperature change, test leads and connectors. Damage to the wiring or connectors in the circuit of the engine speed sensor and camshaft. Perhaps one of the sensors is defective.

Check wires and connectors, check out the injectors. In case of breakage in the injector circuit is turned off, only one injector, by closing the circuit disables all the injectors of the affected unit.

FFR is sending the wrong value. Display time in seconds available. Time display in minutes absent. Display time in hours is absent. Indication of time by days absent. Indication of time by months absent. Time display data is missing. Check the wires on open circuit, short to ground or battery voltage.

Sensors show incorrect values or are not working. Posted by FFR1 pending. The engine is idling. Set throttle position does not match the actual situation.All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

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Checking of the light system

Dashboard Lights and Gauges. Fuel Economy and Mileage. Commercial Vehicles. Wiki User If the light is on steady, then Drive the vehicle with caution, but get it seen to as soon as possible. If the light is flashing, don't drive the vehicle, and get it checked out immediately. If the warning light comes on in a Iveco Euro Cargo, it usually means you need to change the diesel filter. Can ah, with some good techniques on the line, such as washing with detergent or post it to the EDC solution.

Electronic diesel control,usually if you change first diesel filter the problem is out. IBC stands for Iveco body controller. When the IBC light comes on for the Iveco Eurocargo, it means that there is a communication error between the tachometer and the oil sensor. Automatic Diff Blockade. Asked in Dashboard Lights and Gauges What does a steering axle warning light mean on an iveco daily? Power steering fluid is low, or sensor fault. Is it possible that your emergency brake is stuck part way on?

This is the light, it may be crossed or broken. EDC stands for estimated date of confinement, which is commonly called the "due date" of a pregnancy. Asked in Mercedes-Benz C-Class Mercedes c diesel revving up and then edc light comes on and loses power?

EDC light keeps coming on my Mercedes c diesel and losing power at 3, revs.Pushing the gas pedal all the way to the floor, consumes a lot of fuel. This ECO light serves to let drivers know if they are getting the most out of their fuel tank.

What Does the ECO Driving Indicator Light Mean?

Depending on the type of vehicle, in the ECO mode, the throttle responsiveness, transmission gear shifting, or the electric systems will be tuned to reduce their energy draw. The computer monitors parameters like the speed of the vehicle, engine RPM, and throttle position to decide when to turn on the ECO indicator light.

On some vehicles, when the ECO light goes on, some aspects of the engine, such as ignition timing or fuel usage can change slightly in order to increase the efficiency. Some cars, such as newer Honda Accords, use a technique called cylinder cancellation to reduce fuel consumption. The ECO light will illuminate to let the driver know that some of the cylinders have been disabled.

This is completely normal and is ideal for keeping your gas tank full. If the check engine light is on, your ECO light may never illuminate due to reduced engine efficiency. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you drive with the light on. Reducing fuel consumption is good for the environment and good for keeping money in your pocket. It is not recommended that you drive with the ECO light on all the time.

Although it may be tempting to try and keep your engine running as efficiently as possible, there are times when you should step on the pedal like situations when you are trying to merge onto a fast moving street or highway.

All it takes is one distracted driver who does not notice your reduced speed! Your engine will not hate you for having the ECO light go off every now and then. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Warning Light is on Inspection. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Schedule Warning Light is on Inspection. Service Area.

Average rating from customers who received a Warning Light is on Inspection. What the ECO driving indicator light means Depending on the type of vehicle, in the ECO mode, the throttle responsiveness, transmission gear shifting, or the electric systems will be tuned to reduce their energy draw. Is it safe to drive with the ECO driving indicator light on? Home Articles.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Articles. What Do the Headlight Indicators Mean?

Related Questions.These instructions are intended to help you properly carry out repairs on the electronically controlled diesel injection system described in this document. In writing these instructions, we have assumed that you have the necessary knowledge of control systems for working on and with the electronic diesel control.

Since our products are in continuous development, we reserve the right to make technical modifications. MAN reserves all rights accorded by the relevant laws on copyright. MTDA Technical status: Safety information. Plug connections. General Important safety regulations are summarized in this quick-reference overview and arranged by topic to ef- fectively convey the knowledge necessary to avoid accidents causing injury, damage or environmental haz- ard.

The engine operating manual contains further information. Important: Should an accident occur despite all precautionary measures, particularly one involving contact with corros- ive acid, penetration of fuel under the skin, scalding by hot oil, antifreeze splashing into the eyes etc. Only authorized and qualified personnel are permitted to carry out inspection, adjustment and re- pair work. D Do not stand too close to rotating parts while the engine is running Wear close-fitting working clothes.

D Keep area surrounding engine, ladders and stairways free of oil and grease. Accidents caused by slipping can have serious consequences. D Only work with tools which are in good condition. Damaged or worn spanners and wrenches can slip off: Risk of injury.

D Persons must not stand under an engine suspended on a crane hook. Keep lifting gear in perfect condition. D Only open coolant circuit once the engine has cooled down. Follow the instructions given under Care and Maintenance in the Operating Manual exactly if it is not poss- ible to avoid opening the coolant circuit with the engine at operating temperature.

D Do not tighten or loosen pipes and hoses that are under pressure lubricant circuit, coolant circuit and any downstream hydraulic oil circuits : Risk of injury caused by liquids escaping under pressure. D Do not place hands under the fuel jet when checking injection nozzles. Do not inhale fuel mist. D Do not use rapid charger to start the engine. Rapid charging of batteries is only per- mitted with the positive and negative leads disconnected!

D Observe manufacturers instructions for handling batteries. Caution: Battery acid is toxic and corrosive. Battery gasses are explosive. D Only use suitable measuring instruments to measure voltages! The minimum input resistance of a measuring instrument should be 10 M. D Only disconnect or connect wiring harness connectors on electronic control units with the ignition turned off! Disconnect batteries and connect the positive lead to the negative lead such that they are electrically conductive before carrying out any electric welding work.Hi every body, since yesterday during a silly cleaning job in my gdt as I touch with a screw driver a black cable under the preheat relau and due to a circuit the EDC light came on.

The car is running without any problems - so far I hope!! Any advice how I could reset the light? Cheers Angelos. Full engine output is no longer available".

I would take it to my local Merc commercial agent. They will put it on there computer and hopefully tell you what the fault is. I use the commercial garage as they tend to be more converse with the unit then the car division.

Also a lot cheaper. You should also find any competent general commercial garage should be able to check it for you, as most now have fault diagnostic equipment. The most common fault, which will put you engine in limp home mode, is when the ITC light comes on.

Topping up the intercooler usually cures this. Odd you mention those couple of points Twomogs i The Commercial Merc dealers over here were very helpful and wanted to help -- but could not apparently bring the "G" Wagen details up on their system, though I see where you are coming from, the being a commercial varient.

Cheers Marcus.

man edc warning light

Thanks I will bring it to the local dealer to see what is going on. I hope that is only something writen in its memory!! Dear fellows after the visit to the local MB deaker and when I erased the memory everything now is ok. Thanks for advises, Angelos. This website and forum are provided for the benefit of enthusiasts and owners of all Mercedes Benz off road vehicles, in particular the G Wagen. The costs of development, upkeep and provision of the site are met entirely by the annual subscriptions of club members.

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MAN Truck Fault Codes List & DTC Troubleshooting

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man edc warning light

Navigate to There is more help available. Mend - edc, man, truck. We had it on ours and the main problem seems tobe the one way fuel valves on top of the gear box they come straight from the tank. Ideally take the pipe off and blow them through with an air line. It has helped ours its not perfect but i still have to take the lines off completely to clean them out.

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