If you have ever carried a sidearm, you understand how important a quality holster can be.

Many gun owners today are turning to KYDEX holsters because they are sturdy, durable, and dependable. As KYDEX holsters have become more popular, the market has been flooded with numerous assorted brands and designs. Gun laws vary by state. Some states have laws restricting how and where you can legally carry a firearm. Deciding just which one is right for you can be confusing.

KYDEX is a hard, plastic material that be molded and manipulated around forms when heat is applied. In recent years, KYDEX has become a generic term referring to all plastic holsters, even those that are made of lower quality thermoplastics. Keeping your sidearm safely inside of your holster until you are ready to draw it is incredibly important. Weapon retention refers to how securely your holster holds your weapon. A holster with good weapon retention will fit your firearm snugly, without wobbling or knocking when you move, yet will allow you to smoothly and easily draw your weapon when necessary.

There are several distinct types of holsters to choose from depending on how you want to carry and where on your body you prefer your sidearm to be located. You want to consider both comfort, convenience, and concealment when deciding your preferred method of carrying your weapon. This holster is made from Boltaron thermoplastic which provides high impact and heat resistance.

The material is extremely durable and resists scratching while providing superior protection for your firearm. A slide release feature makes for a safer draw and re-holster, without putting extra friction on your weapon. This function makes it very easy for the user to release the weapon from the holster while making it difficult for someone else to disarm them. The Audible Retention Lock feature lets you hear when your weapon is securely snapped in place, which takes the guess work out of holstering your sidearm.

This holster also offers a full sweat shield designed to help keep your weapon dry but also helps guide your weapon into place during re-holstering.

The cant is fully adjustable, which easily facilitates carrying in many positions on your waist. They are virtually indestructible but come with a lifetime warranty just in case. This OWB holster is great for public carry, range, or competition use. The international paddle adjusts to three different cant options.

When paired with the belt attachment option, the holster can be used in IDPA competition. It holds your weapon securely even when climbing and moving under competition obstacles.

Yet, the draw is smooth and easy. Your email address will not be published. CYA Supply Co. Weapon Retention Keeping your sidearm safely inside of your holster until you are ready to draw it is incredibly important. Types of Carry There are several distinct types of holsters to choose from depending on how you want to carry and where on your body you prefer your sidearm to be located.Posted by Katrina Maria on August 17, It's one of those age-old questions that has a myriad of conflicting answers: which holster is right for me?

As most gun owners know all too well, there are several different materials on the market that all claim to be the very best for toting your handgun on your person. The truth is, whether you're carrying concealed or openly, it really comes down to two viable options: leather or Kydex. Right away, I'm kicking nylon out of this argument, and jumping on my soapbox to let anyone and everyone know that purchasing a nylon holster is a major no-no.

Yes, nylon is the number one material recommended by gun stores to first-time gun buyers. It seems secure, and it looks like it's getting the job done, so what's wrong? First and foremost, it's unsafe -- in my opinion, and that of many, many others. Think about this: you draw your weapon, and the holster -- because it's made of a flimsy material -- collapses the minute the firearm is withdrawn. In order to reholster your gun, you'll need two hands -- one to open the holster back up, and the second to actually put the gun into the holster.

All it takes is one snag of the trigger against the edge of the holster, and you've got yourself a bullet hole. You may be saying to yourself, "The chances of that happening are so slim. That's the problem with a one-size-fits-all holster: there's no retention. The retention is what keeps your gun locked into place while it's in the holster, thus making it safer and more secure.

Using a nylon holster to carry your gun is basically the equivalent of not wearing a seat belt in the car, and expecting to remain in the exact same position when you crash into a tree. This is a drawback because in the event that you need to use your gun, you'll need to grab it one-handed without looking.

Kind of hard to do when it's constantly moving around. Like I mentioned above, they're typically a very cheap option, and therefore, so is the quality. If you're carrying your firearm everyday which you definitely should be! Of course, this depends on a number of variables, including how you're carrying -- you'll see fraying and all-around nastiness on your nylon holster much faster when wearing it inside the waistband.

That's because it's a porous material, so it's going to absorb whatever liquid it comes into contact with. It's basically going to smell similar to if you wore the same underwear or socks everyday not recommended, FYI. Oh and don't even bother trying to wash it, because that has the potential to stretch or shrink the material, thus compromising the fit.

Not to mention it's such a piece of crap that it probably wouldn't even make it through one cycle in the washing machine. Leather Vs.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Kydex carbon fiber is a household name. As it grows in popularity, more and more people are using Kydex holster materials for a growing array of projects.

kydex holster liner

The knife sheaths and gun holsters of the history books are almost exclusively made of leather, canvas, nylon, or other pliable material easily manipulated and stitched together. So when thermoplastics—namely Kydex supplies—started growing in popularity in the late 60s, the whole game shifted.

In comparison to other tactics, Kydex thermoforming is more economical and nearly as easy as manipulating leather or canvas. Most importantly, hobbyists and small business owners know that Kydex materials will long outlast almost any other material on the market. But we expanded to incorporate Kydex supplies into our extensive offerings to keep pace with the pioneering hobbyists and small business owners we greatly admire.

Today, everyone, no matter their Kydex craft, knows where to buy Kydex: here in our shop. About Kydex The Kydex story begins in the late s, when the Rohm and Haas Company was the authority on all things aircraft interior.

Eventually, the easily-manipulated Kydex carbon fiber started to gain foothold in a number of other industries as the sheer versatility of Kydex materials was realized. The Kydex brand has changed hands a number of times, all the while slowly asserting itself as a true household name. Plus, when you go to buy Kydex, you can trust quality consistency of a Kydex sheet more than that of a leather hide. Finally, some companies, especially us, are committed to the periodic Kydex sale to make it more economical for hobbyists to experiment.

As with nearly every other holster material, there are different grades of Kydex materials. Kydex holster kits run the gamut. From budget plastics made from recycled sheets to brand-new Kydexeach maker will prefer something different depending on projects and budgets when they buy Kydex.

It offers formability, rigidity, break, and chemical resistance not known to other grades of Kydex holster materials. It also withstands high temperatures. Get more information and check for Kydex sales above.

Find out how to save on every Index Thermoplastics purchase with Index Bux!JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Not many holster makers offer lined holsters. The fact of the matter is that its an expensive, messy, time consuming process.

Also, because of the pure craftsmanship involved, lining may well be its own art form. Its a difficult process, but when done correctly produces an extraordinary unique piece of art.

So, in other words!! Its just plain easier, faster and more profitable to make an unlined holster, than it is a lined one. The act of drawing your pistol from a holster creates friction at the points of contact and eventually those points will begin to show wear. A lined holster delays the inevitable, but there are other benefits to lining besides protecting your guns finish.

A lined holster is stitched all the way around resulting in a fancier look then unlined. It is a special syntheticmaterial man made that is super slick and has cutting edge durability. It wears in cell by cell and burnishes smooth by use.

The material will draw moisture from the surface of the weapon and then, dissipates it quickly into the atmosphere. Being a man made material, it has water repellant properties. Also, because of the laminating process creating a sandwich of leather, glue and lining creates a stiffer holster then an unlined version.

This does not mean a unlined holster is soft, its just means when you compare them side by side, the lined holster has a stiffer feel to it. Some makers offer suede lining, in other words some animals skin, there are drawbacks to this lining method.

In our tests, most of them absorb oil, dirt and powder residue.

KYDEX Holsters

We feel our synthetic material out classes and out performs the animal suede lining. We do not care if it costs more money and is more time consuming to apply, its the best and that's why we use it.

That's why we have the reputation we have. We do not line our horsehide holsters due to the nature of the material, its very smooth inside already, because of this slick surface it is not compatible with the lining process. We instill the importance of quality and customer support in the High Noon Holsters team. We appreciate the loyalty in our customer base and we welcome all new visitors and customers who visit our website.

We thank you for your business with the hopes that High Noon Holsters will always be your destination one stop shopping for the best holster in America! You have no items to compare. Account Wishlist Blog Log In. Call High Noon Holsters. Main Categories. All Rights Reserved. Contact Call Us P.This is a step by step guide showing you how to make Kydex holsters. I made this holster out of.

I have found that while Boltaron is a little cheaper than Kydex, it does not get as much definition in the look of the holster. If you care about looks, you might want to go with Kydex instead. Ok, so the first step is to cut the plastic into the right size. Lay out your pistol, and figure out how much plastic is needed to wrap it like a taco.

It never hurts to go a little bigger than you think you need, just in case. I like to cut the plastic by scoring it with a fresh utility knife, and then bending it until it breaks.

Next, you will want to find a piece of scrap wood, or in this case MDF that will act as a spacer under the dustcover when you mold the holster. As mentioned above, I like to use a small toaster oven that I bought used on Craigslist. Your results may vary. I usually use 3 or 4 layers of foam on both top and bottom. You will want to wrap the hot Kydex around the pistol like a taco, taking care not to burn your fingers in the process heat resistant gloves are great!

Custom Kydex Holsters

You will want to make sure that you keep pressure on the mold long enough for it to form correctly. If you take it out too early, the Kydex will fit the pistol poorly. This next step can be done when you mold the pistol the first time, but for some reason or another I decided to do it separately this time around.

I used 3 layers of Kydex scraps as the spacer. I then heated the back of the holster with the heat gun until it was good and workable, inserted the spacer, and put the entire thing back in the press. After a couple minutes, I had a good looking recess for the belt attachment. If you used a spacer under the dustcover when you molded the holster like I did above you will need some sort of spacer to fill this gap in your finished product.

Drill a couple holes, and a with two Chicago screws, you almost have a holster! Now, you can make your own belt attachment out of kydex, but beware, it will break eventually. I much prefer to use these attachments made by Bladetech. They mount easily with three screws, and hold secure. Ok, in the beginning I mentioned that using a spacer along the dustcover is optional.

Kydex Holsters

If you have any questions or comments, post up in the comments below. When you attach the Bladetech bracket to the holster, how do you prevent the screws from scratching the gun on the inside? When you mold the holster shell, add in 2 layers of kydex in the shape of the mounting bracket to offset for the screws.

Glock 19 APLC Level2 Kydex Holster with Rotating Hood and Leather Lining for Right Hand

Great article, and answered all of my questions that I have been developing while designing my Carriers and Holsters. Did you use a molded gun for the forming process?March 16, References. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 1, times.

Learn more Many IWB holsters are made of Kydex and are designed to fit only certain pistols. This can make it challenging to find the right holster for your gun.

Adding to this issue is the cost. Kydex holsters are simply not cheap. However, what if you could make your own? This wikiHow will teach you how to make your very own Kydex holster. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

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kydex holster liner

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Co-authored by 8 contributors Community of editors, researchers, and specialists March 16, References. Part 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Gather the materials you need. Most items you'll need can be found at home or procured from any hardware store.

Make sure you have all the materials before starting. You can find a full list of required materials in the 'things you'll need' section below.I'd post videos of my training sessions, put some music on it, and upload it for the world to see before it was cool, seriously though. I started gaining a following, and more and more people were asking me questions, advice, for tips and feedback. Being that Instagram had limited functionality, I decided to create a YouTube channel giving advice to new concealed carriers - and it's evolved into much more since then.

I've become a gear-reviewer, product-tester, advice-giver, and all around rambler. Making videos is only part of the equation though I'd like to be able to outfit your entire EDC with better, more well-thought-out solutions to your everyday needs. Stay tuned for more clever products. I've been making kydex holsters for myself for years - it came out of frustration for the horrible designs out there, that just didn't really seem to work well - I know you feel me on that. I spent countless hours refining my designs until I created a perfect for me blend of comfort and concealability.

People took notice of my personal holsters and started asking if they could buy their own LLOD holster, and that's when I decided to start the manufacturing side of Last Line of Defense. Since then I've equipped thousands of gun guys with a better, more comfortable way to carry their concealed-carry gun, every single day.

I've been told by hundreds of satisfied customers that the LLOD holster is the best, and most comfortable holster they've ever owned. I put it on as soon as I got home and for the past few days I have been wearing it while walking, driving, bending over, sitting and practicing my draw and dry fire.

I got to tell you its everything you said it is and more. Your concept in design is well thought out and it works great.

kydex holster liner

The quality of material is superb, and the craftsmanship is outstanding. This is a great holster and I am very pleased. So I would like to start out with the fact that it is with out the doubt the most comfortable holster I have ever used.

The construction is solid and I have no fears of a ND due to a holster malfunction. The gun and mag are secure even with a loose tension. Having the single belt clip makes it move with your body when walking.

Making stairs, sitting, bending over no problem at all. Drawing from the holster is a breeze. It is easy to practice and grow confidence with the draw stroke. I have found that carrying the holster with the belt clip directly at my is the most comfortable. Thank you Mike the holster is great and I can't think of any cons to it at all. Nice work on the holster, it just works. It is used every day, I am an active person and the holster accommodates this well.

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