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If you found this post useful, please consider sharing across social media. Consider subscribing for alerts for more New Kodi Addons and Builds. Here's a bit of info. This video isn't to bad mouth anybody or their services it's just to try letting Subscribers know what's happening with IPTV at the moment. I look forward to your comments below. I know Xtream Codes Service was down now XC was using the panel from XC service via api So all subscribers lose the panel But I have a panel to manage lines, vod and series for XCso my reseller use that and serve iptv as well Also I can create more features if you want.

And the services the people who own them told me that they've always had rules set in place not to be running your mouth about the services on YouTubeif you actually read the fine print people you will see what I'm talking about and you will also see that YouTubers are the cause of this happening and I'm pissed off at all YouTubers who make videos about IPTV services.

Like really talk about not being discrete.

IPTV NOT WORKING? – How Xtream Codes Shutdown Affected Almost All IPTV Services

I mean all you need to do is go online and look for yourself and you'll find whatever one you're looking for. But instead YouTubers makemoney off of these types of videos and ruin it for everybody.

OMG mate, how many cuts are in this video.

iptv shutdown

At first I thought my stream was lagging. For quality, just re-record instead of constant cuts. Hey free tech can anyone help here. I bought the h96max box and it wont turn on now.

Just shows a red light. Is there any good channels where I could learn to flash the box or unbrick it. Have tried a few online and it doesn't work. Your great information is very informative. This is one of the reason why i still pay my basic cable bill.

Just use iptv service for sports only. Awrite mate I came looking for your latest video. I was hearing that u got lifted for something to do with Iptv raid. I take it that is is a lot of shit! Will this explain why some channels work and others don't? So the police in Italy have stopped all crime investigations murders thefts. They put a big dent in the iptv world thank the massive oppelattion.!!! Please follow and like us:. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Related Articles.

Theater Plus v1. Why do I have a feeling this guy had smoked Crack Cocaine before doing this Video?!

NITRO TV SHUTDOWN !! IPTV Company Sued (Are you safe)

What do you call a woman playing snooker balancing a pint of larger on her head? Beer tricks potter. Is the cable guy gone completelytheir website doesn't even come up anymore?Xtream Codes IPTV takedown is a dominant topic on the streaming community right now and has so many aspects that either contaddict or just scare a lot of people. So in this article instead we will try and make some sense of everything that happened with Xtream Codes and how that affects you.

European raids shut down illegal IPTV operation

It is without any doubt the most popular and used platform for IPTV management. The platform created by Xtream Codes is totally legal. While a lot of IPTV providers that use the specific platform may be illegal, a lot of them are not. Of course that is not for us to determine, there will be a judge and a lot of experts that should advise on this matter.

But fact is that also totally legal and licensed IPTV providers are not working right now because of this takedown. They arrested a team of an IPTV provider that was working illegally by capturing italian paid tv channels and then streaming them online. The whole operation started since the seller or a reseller was promoting his service on a Facebook page and that was what caught the attention of the Police.

When they started unveiling the IPTV providers infrastructure they noticed they were using Xtream Codes IPTV platform and since there were also foreign channels involved they contacted other countries authorities as well. They also have IPTV resellers data like email addresses and credits, payment info. In other words they can provide all those information to local authorities of each country where they decide how to act. It is needless to say that illegal IPTV providers and resellers and the big fishes in this operation.

The authorities will surely go after the IPTV providers and in some occasions also some resellers. While most users these days use a VPN as a measure of protection, especially when streaming content online, that is not the rule to some. That is according to the officials because most of the customers may not even know that the IPTV providers may have been illegal.

But in whole honesty, according to their data more than 5 million customers where found in Italy alone. There is no way that they could go after all those people, let alone have the resources to do so. So my personal opinion, the customers should still be safe. And while there are other option, other platforms that can substitute Xtream Codes, it is almost that the platform will come back.

And most what about IPTV providers? Well, some of them that used this platform have already migrated to other platforms. But also some of them, took the money and run. After all this was the perfect excuse to close down, no questions asked and do act surprised if they open under a new name really soon.

Contents hide. Hi can you tell me which is the best iptv product for uk irish, usa canada Reply. Code xtream Reply. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute! Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Hello everyone and welcome to my channel and this review of Mr. Finally it's back and working great.

IPTV over the last few weeks has been hit and miss, xtream codes going down and server swaps, did you Don't pay over the odds and don't panic because Xtream codes continues to cause iptv services headaches so we have created a list of the best iptv alternatives for Xtream Codes has been replaced and we are back in business.

The shop is now open and we are accepting Iptv services and free iptv have been under lots of pressure due to xtream codes shutdown, good news they are Username or Email Address. Skip to content. December Review. Kodi Builds.

Doc Squiffy. IPTV issues? For more details Try these!! Xtream Codes Fix! IPTV is Back! Posts navigation 1 2 Next.

Arrests shut down illegal TV streaming gang

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iptv shutdown

As we all know this shutdown could last for an extended period of time, and as it stands currently there is no end in sight. By using this promo code during signup you can get a free 2 months of unlimited streaming that includes over 2, documentaries and series on the best in science, history, nature, technology, society and lifestyle.

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iptv shutdown

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Reported here first in Husham. Yes, Panick time no screams please This is serious. It goes without saying, we all knew someday like this might come, but DAMN, no one expected it to be like this. The company that was shut down was, of course, was Xtream Codes.

The attack took place in multiple countries and was intended to try to stop IPTV and their sellers once and for all. Inside Information on Xtream Codes case, has revealed that the police was able to obtain a precision to go through the client database and to backtrack every single IP address of the users or IPTV resellers and every single user that used their servers.

As it stands right now the authorities are going through the Xtream Codes database and tracking down every single user that paid for an Xtream Server for legit or illegal activities and will be brought down for questions. According to a piece of Insider information, intelligent has a big plan and will take over the coming three months making sure that a new year without Illegal IPTV reseller. The plan will begin first in Europe by going after everyone that paid for the service.

Once the list of users is identified form the Xtream Codes Database the list of users will go out country by country. Since western union transactions are hard to track. Leaving going after people that paid with Bank transfers, Wire transfers and online payment with examples such as Paypal and similar transactions. The rest of Asia is also to be included in this Starting with Indian Police to take charge of this and to start the arrests and start spreading to the surrounding countries, the time table is unknown at this time.

Following this information above I also received a call from an IPTV Company today which confirmed that a similar process that he has been told off, and he warned that most of the IPTV Companies owners that paid with this real names or bank transfers are now in trouble and first to be targeted. It's unclear what the users will be brought for, whether it is for fine or just simple questioning. All users from Xtream Codes were buying Xtream Codes software and running on a server.

My inside IPTV resellers call told me the following. Stop it, it is the way to late to do something drastic and try to ask for your money back, this is not going to help you or your case in future. If you don't want the service. If you think this news is new to you. Stop watching IPTV and turn off your internet.

Recent IPTV Raids, Shutdowns and Takedowns

Just Stop. Please take the below as pointers of what you should and should not. Recommended VPN Providers. This is no funny or joking matter.Our service will happily adapt to the device you are watching on. See all the biggest games, experience all the biggest events!

iptv shutdown

Don't cut the cord, just so you can be held down by another, your subscription fee includes the ability to watch our service on just about any device you can name. Our servers have massive redundancy and are of the highest quality, we spare no expense in ensuring you really do get a better deal here than anywhere else. Whatever device you watch on, your stream will be optimised automatically for the device, meaning you do not need to change settings, ask for help, you can just watch what you want where you want and on what you want.

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Any Device Any Time Don't cut the cord, just so you can be held down by another, your subscription fee includes the ability to watch our service on just about any device you can name. Travel With Service Wherever you are going, and whatever you are doing, the beauty of iptv is that it lets you take your service with you.

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